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  • alexa
  • Anton Bauer Cine 150 GM Batteries Gold Mount
  • Astera FP1 Titan Tube Kit
  • Arri SkyLink 3 Receiver Kit + Base Station

“Caucasian Film Service” (former “Independent Film Service”) is one of the most successful company in the South Caucasus.   All important international and local film projects, implemented in Georgia during the last decade, are associated with the name of our company. 


We  offer in Caucasus region and Turkey Lighting, Grips, Production Vehicles and all kinds of supplementary means, which can help in implementing your idea from the beginning to the very end and additionally CFService  offers production services in Georgia for a feature films, music videos, documentaries, industrial videos. 


Dealing with us means dealing with the technically best equipped professional group in the South Caucasus.

_Partner Companies:
  • 20 Steps
  • Art Things
  • ABK Studio